Dear valued customers,
Gong cha NZ is aware of the incident and has taken immediate action to investigate. As a part of this, we have conducted a thorough inspection of the premises to ensure that the premises are healthy and safe.
Gong cha NZ values its customers and is very sorry for what the customer has experienced and had spoken to the customer directly and offered assistance and compensation.
In this regard, we keep strict food control plans in place to ensure we have “A” standards throughout all our shops which is also accompanied by a regular pest control program. We also have regular daily and weekly cleaning schedule that also accompanies with a monthly deep clean. In addition, we will also audit our stores regularly. As a part of our investigation, we will also inspect all Gong cha stores to ensure that our store operators are complying with our required ‘A’ standards.
We continue to investigate the core of this issue and Gong cha NZ will be more vigilant.
Yours sincerely,
Gong cha New Zealand