Gong cha 5th anniversary

We would like to say thank you to those took part in our 5th year anniversary celebration🥳
Congratulation to @bubblegumpeppermint for winning 2 x return ticket to Queenstown✈️
Congratulation to:
@xjanjannotx [IG]
@got_the_food7 [IG]
@weiwei_870902 [IG]
@Rose Mary [FB]
@qqpassionfruitgreentea [IG]
@nomnomstuffed [IG]
@ryca.eats [IG]
@robinsejwal [IG]
@brokenmind_8 [IG]
@roguestarz [IG]
for winning our gift pack🥰
We would like to thank you for your all time support♥️
@amyyy.tea [IG]
@zenandcha [IG]
@aucklandcafes [IG]
Please PM us on FB or IG for the prize redemption by 15th September 2020✉️🎁
Thanks for your support.