To inspire the human spirit and create happiness.

“Gong cha” is a Chinese term for the act of offering the best tea to the Emperor. It represents teas and beverages of the highest and finest quality, fit for royalty. Today, the Gong cha company is dedicated to the same principal of providing premium products to its customers around the globe. Gong cha promises to inspire the human spirit and create happiness with a perfect cup of tea. Established in Taiwan in 1996 by two good friends, Huang and Wu, Gong cha was unique in offering personalized service with premium teas in a variety of innovative and delicious recipes. Gong cha became loved by its customers and news of the company quickly spread by word of mouth. Its quality products grew increasingly popular, and in 2006, Huang and Wu established the Gong cha brand and opened the first Gong cha brand store in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. Gong cha has since become one of the best-known providers of quality teas and has blossomed around the world.

Tea Selection

Gong cha selects only the most premium tea leaves from tea growers in Taiwan and throughout Asia

Masterful Preparation

Gong cha’s Tea Masters carefully infuse the tea intoexciting and delicious drinks in a variety of unique recipes

Menu Innovation

Every season, Gong cha introduces new and enticing beverages that inspire and delight passionate customers

Our Values


We select only premium quality tea leaves and ingredients to create satisfaction that goes beyond expec­tations. We value the entire process of tea production, from cultivation to the selection of tea leaves, drying, fermentation, and purification.


Our tea masters produce exceptional products with a commitment to the highest level of craftsmanship. We follow precise recipes and standards to ensure consistency at all our stores.


We aspire to inspire and make the ordinary extraordinary. We continue to stand at the forefront of trends and to challenge norms with innovation and creativity.


At our stores, we greet everyone warmly and sincerely to create happiness not only in every cup, but in every heart. We treat our customers and team members with integrity and dignity.


We have an inclusive vision to positively influence the people and communities around us and create a culture of warmth.