Brewed Tea

Our original teas are made with high-quality tea leaves, brewed to perfection. The result is so delicious you’ll want to sit and savour your selection. We choose only the best leaves and brew slowly to ensure the ideal taste and aroma.

Gong cha Signature

Inspired by the milk foam of the popular latte, Gong cha’s signature drink, the Milk Foam Series, was invented to create the ideal blend of freshly brewed tea with a subtle, sweet milky taste.

Health Drink

Choose a delicious, natural beverage that is also great for your health. Our favourites include honey, lemon, aloe vera and winter melon.

Milk Tea

Milk tea is where the fun begins! It’s a classic choice, providing a rich and creamy experience. Our all-time favourites are the robust Black Milk tea, the sweeter, richly flavoured Brown Sugar Milk tea and the smooth Jasmine Green Milk tea. Give them a try – you won’t be disappointed.

Fresh Milk Tea

We use high-quality Anchor fresh milk to pair with our freshly brewed teas. It’s rich, healthy and delicious.

Creative Mix

Freshly brewed tea with fruit flavours.

Yogurt Drink Series

Available at all stores


Iced-blended with fruit and tea-based flavours.

How to order

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Food Allergen Notice

Please be advised that our drinks may contain these ingredients.