Greek Yogurt Series is Back!!

Greek Yogurt Series is Back!!

👏🙌 Put your hands together for the highly anticipated drink last year – the Greek Yogurt Series 🎉⁣

We have made some changes to the recipe by using high-quality Meadow Fresh Greek yogurt to ensure it is thick and creamier than ever before.

🥭🍓🥛 The Greek Yogurt Series will be launched on 01/06/2021 with a limited promotion price 🔔 Set a reminder and pop into the store to taste the difference.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Greek Yogurt promotion available from 1/6 to 30/6 nationwide stores excludes UoA, Hamilton City & Rosedale stores.
  2. Greek yogurt standard price will be applied from 14/6. Hamilton City and Rosedale stores will launch on a different date, please refer to Gong cha Hamilton / Gong cha Rosedale for launching notice.
  3. Loyalty stamps will not be given to the drink with the promotion price.
  4. Redemption is not valid in conjunction with other offers or promotions such as vouchers, student society, student free upsize sticker, and reusable cup free upsize deal, etc.
  5. Additional surcharge will incur when upsizing/extra topping, etc has been added into the order.
  6. This promotion is only valid for in-store purchase and the Gong cha online App only.
  7. Gong cha New Zealand reserves all rights in making the final decision in the case of any disputes.